Closed Online Auction 10am Thursday 2nd September

ONLINE AUCTION of general household items
Friday 27th August to THURSDAY 2nd SEPTEMBER 2021
Timed auction closing at 10:00am on THURSDAY 2nd SEPTEMBER 2021

Below is our online auction on our auction platform. The auction is a selection of items (64 LOTS) as we get our online auction system running seamlessly. Please follow the following process:

Register on the system to be a bidder (please note all bidders need to register – a buyers number from our physical auction can not integrate here so you need to sign up separately as online bidder
Visit the online auction and browse through the various lots on auction. In order to place a bid you need to click on the item and place a bid – there will be some criteria on each item such as set bid increments and an opening bid amount
Enter the bid you would like to place (the current bid is listed just below the Lot number and description
If you enter a much higher bid than the bid increment above the latest bid, the system will bid on your behalf up to the bid you have entered. Note it will not immediately take your much higher bid so you could still get the item at a lower value
Once you have entered your bid, click the BID button to confirm your bid. Note: once you have clicked BID on an item your bid is deemed official and submitted. There is no second step to approve bids. Bids can also not be cancelled. You will receive an email confirming the bid you placed.
Navigate back to the auction to continue placing multiple bids by either clicking the auction in question in the grey left-hand side menu block or by going through the top menu (AUCTIONS > ONLINE)
Once you have completed all your bids, you can see a list of all bids placed by visiting MY ACCOUNT > MY AUCTION ACTIVITY
We advise checking on the system and bids regularly to see if someone has outbid you – whilst you may receive a notification about being outbid, the responsibility lies with the bidder to keep watching the system for competitive bids
Bid activity is likely to increase the closer the timed auction gets to the cut off so this is an important time to try to be online and track your bids. Alternatively, add a higher maximum bid and the system will bid on your behalf up to the maximum
Once the timed auction is passed, you will receive an email notifying you if your bid was successful and if you have WON the auction for the particular Lot number you placed a bid on. No notifications are sent if you were unsuccessful
Our office staff will be in touch to then arrange immediate payment, and collection or to arrange delivery. You are also welcome to visit us at our premises once the auction is complete to make payment on the items you were successful on, and to collect.

Please note the following terms and conditions of online auctions:

A Buyers commission of 14.78% excluding Vat on Commission (17% inclusive) charged on each lot
FICA requirements apply to every sale
The rules of the auction comply with section 45 of the Consumer Protection Act, Act 68 of 2008

We sincerely hope you have a good experience with our first online auction and will appreciate your feedback on the experience.

Good Luck!


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